So yeah, yet another blog about fitness and food… WHY?  -please read on..


When I started working out I soon realized ‘being’, feeling and staying fit means way more than just doing the same sets of workouts a few times a week (would’ve been boring if it was, by the way).

I already knew quite a lot of the human anatomy and nutrition. But with sports and higher goals in ‘bodysculpting’ my interest grew (and is still growing; I want to know all!).

My trainers and friends in ‘the field’ taught me a lot –still do (well… they have to cause I’ll keep bothering them with my questions ‘till I get satisfying answers lol). But I started searching for more information about specific topics on the internet too. I grab, learn (or throw out), adjust my knowledge from all sorts of sites and blogs. Not only fitness sites. I found a lot of their content didn’t match up with my own lifestyle, views on our body or… simply my taste buds (for example, coconut flour scones are disgusting, no matter how much honey I add!!). So I also get my bits of information from medical, bio-organic, vegetarian, beauty, etc. sites and put them together to get my own ‘truth’; what truly works for me.  This truth keeps changing cause I keep learning..

No I’m not a trainer or dietitian (although I’m thinking about getting some certificates haha *EDIT: I wrote this 2 years ago. Im actually studying for my PT degree now*). I am a college/high school teacher. That means my profession is using my own knowledge, getting information from everywhere, doing my own studies and research, cutting out all the unnecessary stuff (and crap) to make practical, easy to understand bites of useful information for the people that want to learn.

It is what I want to do here too.


Nothing new. Fitness and food (nutrition) go hand in hand if you want to do it well and take care of your body. Food is the fuel of our precious engine. And we want the supreme a-class fuel, right? Even if you don’t train you’ll find a lot of helpful information on nutrition here; we all need energy. The way you eat and what you eat creates certain types of energy. My aim is to have a balanced diet and energy (no lows and highs) to help me get the most out of of my day. I’m thinking its what we all want (well, all of us restless busy-bodies).


So where does the ‘Balance’ come in?

Well.. I believe we only live once. Its why I take my body and health seriously. But also seriously enjoy my busy life *smile*. I don’t believe in this OR that. But this AND that (yes, I’m greedy!). It means you have to make balanced, well thought out choices (and that means you need to inform yourself well).

I strongly believe in Balance and all I put on this blog will have this underlying thought.