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AweSummer Smoothies!

Some recipes are just too good AND good looking to keep from the world(wideweb)….


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Savory FlameCookies!

Fame cookiesForget the heavy calorie pizza-bombs, I bring you the next best thing: Healthy, Lean, Light Flame Cookies! Good as a snack, for lunch or dinner.

-lean-healthy-spelt/farrow wheat-fast (20 minutes)
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Spinach & minced meat ‘salad’

photo (19)Here’s another fast, healthy and tasty dinner/lunch recipe, this time with a hint of Arab cuisine.

This is a fresh recipe: Summerstyle (still some summer to go!) and will take you no longer than 20 minutes to prepare!


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recipe: Spicy Lentil Burgers

A delicious and healthy replacement for meat-burgers! Vegetarian and gluten free (but you wont notice the difference; believe me ’cause I’m a carnivore!)



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Oatmeal Cranberry Choco Crunchy Cookies

image (2) Okay so here’s another delicious and healthy recipe you can stuff yourself with (well.. dont go too far, that’s never good):

Oatmeal cookies with… cranberries, chocolate, peanut(butter), banana and.. read on >>>

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bonbon balls & brownies

healthy bonbons

*last moment xmas dinner tip!*

For carefree bonbon munching; try out this easy and yummy recipe. Goes great with Xmas-afters (liquor & coffee) too  ; ) 


No baking, gluten-free, vegan, no refined sugars, low fat

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Fast Food! -my practical grocery & cooking ‘rituals’


Who says fast food is unhealthy? Healthy cooking can be fast too! It’s why I love my wok!

Cooking during the week: like all of us busy-bodies, I like it easy, fast and practical. Healthy. AND TASTY!

It’s why I ALWAYS have some basic ingredients in the kitchen to rely on… and have my ways to make sure I’m not spending too much time trying to figure out what I want for dinner in the first place.

Just sharing what works for me: it might help you with your own grocery-kitchen rituals ; )

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Easy ‘n ‘ealhty egg salad

Bon appétit
Bon appétit

A busy week; no time for blog posts. But no matter how busy; skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner is never an option.

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Sweet ‘n spicy pumpkin soup

PompoenWeb.jpg.306x306_q85_crop-0,0Winter is coming; out goes salad, in comes soup.

Making your own soup is so easy and so much healthier than the soup you buy in tins or packs at the store. And it’s fun to make; I feel like a druid or witch sometimes, just tasting and adding ingredients as I go along. I suggest you do the same here. Do some Halloweening in the kitchen 😉  Continue reading “Sweet ‘n spicy pumpkin soup”

Sunday Baking: Lemon & maw-seed cupcakes

1384220_670250513009579_1680524350_nI love lemons. And maw seed gives you a high (or so they say)! Here’s a recipe my friend Marlies gave me to share with all of you!

Trust me. Marlies knows whats she’s doing. And I love it!

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Sunday Baking: Rice Apple Pie

IMG_0833The lighter, fresher, low-cal, gluten-free, refined sugar free version of the traditional apple pie.

It has about 1/5 of the calories you’d find in a traditional apple pie and this one has the better nutrients too!

Oh, and Noah (7 yrs), who helped to bake this pie loved it too. So.. it’s even ‘child-proof’ ! ; ) Continue reading “Sunday Baking: Rice Apple Pie”

Sunday baking: awful protein muffins

Two recipes I would NOT recommend ; )
Two recipes I DO NOT recommend ; )

Instead of starting my recipe thread with my favorite, delicious, one of a kind recipe, I’m starting off with disaster baking. A lot of you might have seen (or tried) recipes including Whey or Casein powder (protein supplements)* instead of using common flour, refined sugar and butter. It’s to keep the ‘bad carbs’ and fats out of the diet, while still enjoying an occasional chocolate muffin. Seems like a good plan!

It’s not. It tastes awful (the right even tasted like something poisonous) and it’s a waste of protein powder. Well, that’s my opinion. Continue reading “Sunday baking: awful protein muffins”

Bad Ass Breakfast? -try quinoa and amaranth

QuinoaThere are so many reasons to avoid refined sugars, saturated fats and ‘fast carbs’ (for health and weight loss). Trying to avoid them will make you realise you find them in nearly every (packaged) product.

And if you don’t eat bread and prefer to keep the egg-breakfasts to the weekends like me, you’ll wonder what IS a good breakfast. We can’t live on only fruit.

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