We all know how important it is to exercise. Exercise is important for us to be and stay healthy. But lets be honest, most of us want to exercise because we want to look good (and looking healthy is the equivalent of looking good in our era).

So some of us exercise to lose weight. Some exercise to gain weight (yes, really). And some just love playing the game (team sports). The goals might differ (stay healthy, have perfect body or simply the place to get the ball in), but we all do it for the challenge (to win, to excel, to prove something -if only to ourselves).

The goals I have might be totally different to yours. And my favorite and most practical ways to reach them might me totally different too. I want to share what works for me, but will also try to give examples of other options (there are a lot of different ways to train. Also a lot less time-consuming ways) . It will all be about fitness though (with some side paths, because of me believing in balance: variation/diversity of exercise like  swimming, yoga and team sports are good. Ohyes, thats the balance WITHIN the balance of sports vs WORK and RELAXING 😉 ) .

I know some of you are just getting started, or are curious about the ‘food’part (nutrition). Some of you are on the same level as I am. And some of you are way farther. This blog is for all of you. Just read what you want to read and skip what you already know or dont care about!