Ok so Fitness comes with  Food (I chose Food only because it sounds good with Fitness, but were actually talking about nutrition and diet here)…

The cliché slogan ’30% gym, 70% healthy food’ (as seen on nearly all the fitness sites) really is the truth if you want results (in both ‘building’/toning’ and/or losing weight). Its also important to have patience with your body (no, you will not get abs in a month.. Same goes for ‘just’ losing weight. Starving yourself will make you drop in weight within 24 hrs. But it will kill you within a week or two! ).

Im not being patronizing here. Just saying: I want to share information to get most out of our LIFE. It means its not just about looking good ASAP. But looking and feeling good ALAP (as long as possible). The latter takes the most time and effort.

Changing youre diet doesnt help if you just do it some weeks. Its a change for life if you want to do it well. -wow that sounds scary. And it is if would mean not ever eating a muffin or pack of crisps for life. Let me console you: it doesn’t. What I’m doing is REPLACING or finding SUBSTITUTIONS for the things I like to eat. A lot of us aren’t aware of how easy it is to just cook up a different product, with more or less the same taste, but without any shit we don’t need.

And.. well… if you always eat lean and healthy stuff and do your workouts often…. eating that favorite double-sugared-chocolate-layered donut or mega-double cheesy fatty pizza once a while wont hurt at all. -you’ll find you lose the craving for it though. Youre body gets used to different tastes and nutrition. Fatty, sweet stuff wont seem as appetizing like before.. usually.


General awareness of what we eat is growing. We are finally understanding what all those letters and numbers on the labels of our typical food-products mean. Most of them are unnatural to our bodies. So what do we do? Most of us look for alternative existing lifestyles concerning food; like vegetarian or even vegan..

Thing is, we tend to take over diets of other lifestyles considered healthy, that might not be healthy for us personally. Well, its what I first did, and soon enough I realized it’s wrong.

I realized how important it is to truly know a) what’s healthy, b) what our own body needs, c) what we’re aiming for (Health? Long life? Beauty? Being skinny? –sorry to burst your bubble but one general diet will not lead to all of those)

With all the new information were getting nowadays, its impossible to only eat whats ‘right’ (healthy, fair, and suiting personal needs). Cause it seems nothing is, really. So you need to figure out what YOUR priorities are.  In other words: don’t just take over all recipes from any site that seems healthy. They might be for the people in that lifestyle. It might be harmful to your own, or simply might not suit you (making the change of diet more of a trial then an actual ‘life’change you’re happy with).

For example: a recipe from a fitness site might seem very healthy. Low on fat, low on sugar, sometimes even glute-free (and im sure most don’t even know WHY that’s ‘good’), but mostly packed with eggs eggs eggs and Whey powder (more protein!). People who work out a lot need a lot more protein. BUT if you don’t pressure your muscles, an overflow of protein in your body is bad. Bio-organic/vegetarian recipes tend to have a lot of ingredients containing a lot of ‘fast’ carbs (bread, pasta’s, etc). -and that’s what you don’t need if you want to lose weight ;).

In other words: a general ‘healthy diet’ doesn’t exist. We’re all different, have different bodies and different goals,  so need different diets. It means you have to be well informed to know what really works for you.  I’ve been making it a ‘study’ and I want to share it (people actually asked me to share, so here goes!)..