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Weekend! -Healthy Wines!!!

Winebottle workout
Winebottle workout

Which is the better wine to drink; red or white? Why?

And does ‘organic’ make a difference?

Read on and have great weekend!

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Going DUTCH -the healthy way

The Dutch Secret

With so much lycra around these days, stylish looking racing bikes, runners, power joggers and Organic supermarkets popping up like ‘paddenstoelen’ (toadstools) you’d think the whole country is on a health kick.  Continue reading “Going DUTCH -the healthy way”

Weekend! Let’s talk Water!

“Water? Surely she meant wine and wodka..” -You got me, of course that’s what I mean too. Weekend, Wine, Wodka AND WATER!


Mick Jagger in 'State of Shock'
Mick Jagger in ‘State of Shock’

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That lil’ Pill..

Bitter PillInstead of stressing about wether the next thing you’re about to put into your mouth is free of poison/chemicals/’Monsanto voodoo’ and if it’s organic, sugar-free, lean and healthy; it might be an idea to first of all think about the smallest, tiniest daily female consumption…

Seriously; we read about one healthscare after the other. Yet the tiniest thing that possibily has the largest effect on our body and mind (in comparison to anything else you take on a daily base) seems to be totally ignored.

-That lil’ Pill!

(men, don’t stop reading please)

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Weekend! Let’s talk alcoholi-cals!

Ah, time for weekend again! I reminded you of the water intake. Now here’s a reminder of the calorie intake.
Remember a man needs approximately 2500 and a woman 2000 calories a day (31-50 yrs).
So that means I can drink 20 vodka’s today (and need about 6 liters/1,6 gallons of water) ! Continue reading “Weekend! Let’s talk alcoholi-cals!”

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