Ah, time for weekend again! I reminded you of the water intake. Now here’s a reminder of the calorie intake.
Remember a man needs approximately 2500 and a woman 2000 calories a day (31-50 yrs).
So that means I can drink 20 vodka’s today (and need about 6 liters/1,6 gallons of water) !
Beer Per  Unit
“Light” Beer 108 calories, 6 g carbs
Draft Beer 144 calories, 13.2 g carbs
Lager 168 calories, 13.2 g carbs
Ale 216 calories, 13.2 g carbs


Wine Per Unit
Dessert Wine 200 calories, 8 g carbs
Pinot Grigio 100 calories, 2 g carbs
Chardonnay 100 calories, 2 g carbs
Cabernet Sauvignon 100 calories, 4 g carbs
Merlot Red Wine 100 calories, 4 g carbs
Hard Liquor Per Unit
Gin 98 calories, 0 g carbs
Whiskey 105 calories, 0 g carbs
White Rum 100 calories, 0 g carbs
Vodka 96 calories, 0 g carbs
Cognac 104 calories, 3 g carbs
Tequila 104 calories, 8 g carbs

Please note:

  • -units are Beer: 12oz/35cl, Wine: 0,5oz/15cl, Liquor: 1,2oz/3,5cl
  • -cals and carbs differ between the brands. this is just an general summary
  • -mixing with sirops and postmix drinks (cola, tonic, etc) makes the cals fly up, of course
  • -drinking alcohol also reduces the amount of fat your body burns for energy
  • -cals in alcohol are as good as ’empty’. Hardly any nutritional value there
  • -I had breakfast, lunch and dinner. So 20 vodka’s was a bad calculation
  • -nobody can or should ever drink that much anyway

Just having fun while giving you an informative reminder ; ). Have a great evening! Don’t forget your water!