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Break Time

As you have noticed I havent written anything but a column in the Dutch expat journal since months. No worries, I’m still alive and kicking, just very busy with other things in life I also love doing..

Like some fitness-guy once said: “I’ll be Back!”

Oh and here’s that column (all tho a bit late to share it here; I almost hear sleigh-bells ringing):

The Snackbar Renaissance



(and I know who that guy is)

4 keys to a happy diet

I believe there are a few fundamental keys to a good, ‘happy’ healthy diet, and instead of repeating myself so often, its time for me to finally write them down here. So here goes the summary. I will get into details in separate new posts. Stay tuned for more!  Continue reading “4 keys to a happy diet”

Weekend! -Healthy Wines!!!

Winebottle workout
Winebottle workout

Which is the better wine to drink; red or white? Why?

And does ‘organic’ make a difference?

Read on and have great weekend!

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The HUNGER Games

Should we ’embrace hunger’ to meet our fitness goals?

(is that really a question?)
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Going DUTCH -the healthy way

The Dutch Secret

With so much lycra around these days, stylish looking racing bikes, runners, power joggers and Organic supermarkets popping up like ‘paddenstoelen’ (toadstools) you’d think the whole country is on a health kick.  Continue reading “Going DUTCH -the healthy way”

AweSummer Smoothies!

Some recipes are just too good AND good looking to keep from the world(wideweb)….


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Are Men from Mars & Women from Venus?

Is fitness an unisex sport? Or should we differentiate between men and women concerning the types of gym classes and/or weight training exercise?

The main goals of every gym-user is to wave off fat and tone the muscles, isn’t it? So can’t we just train on the same planet?

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Weekend! Let’s talk Water!

“Water? Surely she meant wine and wodka..” -You got me, of course that’s what I mean too. Weekend, Wine, Wodka AND WATER!


Mick Jagger in 'State of Shock'
Mick Jagger in ‘State of Shock’

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Fit Pregnancy -part1

preg ww‘Easter’ comes from ‘Ishtar’ and she was the Mesopotamian Goddess of sex and fertility (ok and war. and love. hmmm). So a post about pregnancy & fitness seems to fit in with Easter. Well… kind of..

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