Why so serious? Don’t be. Laugh more. And then some!

laughing ass off



Here are some facts about laughing your ass off:

I’m sure this wont be news to you: Laughing is healthy. According to the Int. Journal of Obesity laughing increases your bpm by 20% which makes you burn calories faster. 10-40 cals per 15 minutes to be precise. The more you laugh, the greater the effect.

That’s not a lot but it adds up to all the other stuff you do to keep healthy and happy, right? 🙂

Other health benefits:

-laughing increases the amount of oxygen in your blood

-it reduces muscle tension

-it creates loads of endorphins (that natural happy high!)


So keep smilin’ and don’t worry about the wrinkes. Happy faces are more attractive to be with!  ^_^