Some recipes are just too good AND good looking to keep from the world(wideweb)….



To be honest, I’m not much of smoothie lover. It’s something psychological: I need a ‘bite ‘n  munch’ in order to have my brain understand I’m actually eating food. Smoothies keep me psychologically hungry. But that’s just me.

But… some smoothies are just waaay too tasty to resist, even for a smoothie-doubter like me.

My good friend Nika Svarc  (completely into healthy tasty food, yoga, fitness, tennis, wining, dining, fun all the way) is a true Smoothie Mistress.. and so kind to share her recipes. Thanks babe, luvya! 😉


So here goes: the recipe for..


Green layer: avocado, spinach, greek yoghurt, coconut water & agave syrup
Purple layer: blueberries, banana, greek yoghurt
Topping: crushed cashew nuts & raw cocoa butter, cinnamon



A glass of heaven packed with good fats, vit’s and more. OMG I want it now!