Bitter PillInstead of stressing about wether the next thing you’re about to put into your mouth is free of poison/chemicals/’Monsanto voodoo’ and if it’s organic, sugar-free, lean and healthy; it might be an idea to first of all think about the smallest, tiniest daily female consumption…

Seriously; we read about one healthscare after the other. Yet the tiniest thing that possibily has the largest effect on our body and mind (in comparison to anything else you take on a daily base) seems to be totally ignored.

-That lil’ Pill!

(men, don’t stop reading please)

I’ve been talking and writing about this for over a decade now and am hardly noticing a difference in the general opinion of ‘our’ most common contraception. It actually pisses me off how easily gp’s prescribe the Pill. Taking it is like a no-brainer: everyone uses it. It’s as normal as drinking water (funnily enough; more people seem scared to be drinking water containing traces of hormone while a single Pill has a ridiculously higher percentage of the stuff. ‘Funnier’ even; the greatest part of the hormone traces found in water are believed to come from the same Pill we take -but our body doesn’t take in. Yes I mean our pee).


Dolle Mina's ('Crazy Mina's')  protesting to get The Pill legalised ("More of a human with the Pill")
Dolle Mina’s (‘Crazy Mina’s’) protesting to get The Pill legalised (“More of a human with the Pill”)

Our (anti-)miracle Pill 

Granted: these little (anti-)miracle pills have helped women emancipate. It enabled us to make choices. Choices between career or mothering. To choose who WE deem fit for a dad.
And, very importantly, we can actually enjoy sex without having to worry about pregnancy. Of course there were other contraceptives, like condoms. Yet condoms were a lot less safe than nowadays and the Pill actually handed all the controls to ‘us girls’. In Dutch we call this ‘Baas in eigen Buik’ (transl. ‘Boss in own belly’. – a popular slogan in the 60’s and 70’s).

So I’m not complaining about the whole idea of the Pill. The Pill has had huge benefits for women.

…in the sixties and seventies…


Ehm… shouldn’t we have modernised since then?


Here’s my point; the Pill has hardly changed since. yes, the Pills are ‘lighter’; other types of hormones are used and mixed. Supplements added to cancel out certain side effects. Etc.
But its stil hormones were messing with here. The amounts of hormones used are stil more or less the same as 50 years ago. Hormones women take every single day for some 30 years of our lives.

Why do so many people underestimate the effects of the Pill? We ALL know what hormones are. Without them we wouldnt even BE here.

Hormones control a great part of our body and mind; how much water to keep in (bloating, sweating), they control glands (breasts growth, metabolism, etc), they control our mood(swings), feelings (or lack) of lust. They can cause headaches, skin problems, sexual problems, insecurity, overwhelming feelings, depression, etc. Or.. make you feel perfect in all ways. It all has to do with; balancing the right amount of hormones.

Our body is a wonderful, amazing machine. In most cases, a healthy natural (PillFree) body controls the balance. Some of us have natural imbalances; in those cases hormones would be a logical medication. Not wanting to get pregnant is not a medical handicap of the body tho. Taking in extra hormones, the Pill, creates imbalances within the body;

So next time you’re suffering from headaches, bloating, mood swings ( no, borderline- behavior is NOT normal female behavior ), etc, and searching for the nearest doc, psychologist, dermatologist, sexologist or cosmetic surgeon; please realise you might be trying to solve a problem that wasnt yours in the first place. 

Try another contraceptive (without hormones) and see how you feel when your own hormones start working the way they should. To be clear: Im not promoting unsafe sex and we really dont need a huge babyboom right now.