new-years-resolutionsI’m not a ‘New Years resolutions’- type of girl. But hey, for many of us a fixed term or date actually works to start something good. And the start is usually the easiest.

So, the first month of 2015 is over now. Did you have resolutions but gave up on them already? No worries, you still have 11 more months to try again ; ). And summer is coming up (also a good motivator). You don’t need a New Years Eve to start something good. If you gave up already, theres no reason not to do a ‘Retry’.

Some people have asked me what I find is the best way to lose weight, stay motivated and disciplined.  So here are 3 tips for your Retry in the next 11 months:

This is what I want to learn to do by the end of this year. I'll start by doing a push up ; )
This is what I want to learn to do by the end of this year. I’ll start by doing a push up ; )

-Break your dream goal into little pieces. Most important: take one step at a time. If you want to change stuff and stick with it, make your goals smaller and time-lapses (to reach those goals) shorter. For example: focus on trying to lose 3 KG in 2 months instead of 30 KG in a year. Try to reach 6 pull-ups in a month instead of aiming for the ‘fitness model’-look within a year.  Break your dream goal into little pieces: it will make it easier to stay focused and will give you more pay-offs and satisfaction (to head to the next small goal).

Absurdly Small Diet Meal-Make small changes in your diet. Same goes for changing eating-habits/diet: make small changes, find substitutes for things you like and go to ‘less’ instead of ‘none’ . For example: smaller portions of carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes, etc) and  larger portions of veggies (complex carbs). Use Stevia, agave-syrup or organic honey instead of refined sugar. A bag of crisps/chips or a cream-filled chocolate pastry wont do you any harm if you treat yourself to it once  every few weeks. In the beginning you’ll appreciate these treats even more (“I deserve it!”). But in the long term, you wont even want them any more. Weird but true. Your body will adapt to new eating habits and ‘bad cravings’ will be less stubborn.

-Don’t do sports activities you don’t like doing. You will give up on those things. It won’t make you happier. Do try out stuff you haven’t done before:  you might really like it. Surely there must be SOMETHING sporty you love doing and will get you addicted. Perhaps you haven’t found it yet. A good resolution might be: trying out a new thing every 2 weeks (instead of buying a subscription for that fitness bootcamp you really hate and know you’ll only turn up to every 2nd month).

Happy New 11 months everyone!