I believe there are a few fundamental keys to a good, ‘happy’ healthy diet, and instead of repeating myself so often, its time for me to finally write them down here. So here goes the summary. I will get into details in separate new posts. Stay tuned for more! 


As a trainer, but also a friend, i’m often asked for advice about healthy lifestyle and diets. My friends know I’m fairly relaxed about food. I’m not the type of person who lives on salads, and believe that life’s too short for calorie-counting.

As i explained in The Hunger Games: I eat when i’m hungry. No fasting or ‘cheat’ days for me. I eat what and when i feel like eating, BUT my choices are sensible.


key #1: DNA 

Okay this isn’t really a ‘key’, but a key understanding. The way you are built (in DNA) can be sculpted. Changing diet and lifestyle can have great effects. But have realistic ideals. Make the best of who you are. Why would you want to look like someone else?


key #2: The Glycemic Index

I live by this. I trust it and it’s simpeler than it seems at first. The Glycemic Index (GI) is a relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels. Foods that increase glucose levels cause many negative reactions. In short, they raise insuline levels, store fats more rapidly, cause the well-known ‘after dinner dip’ (tiredness after dinner while you should be energized). And on top of everything: this food is less satifying to your hunger. Your body will crave for more food in a shorter amount of time. The Glycemic Index helps making choices between foods: you want to choose the foods that keep your glucose levels stable.


key #3: Time and Patience

Your body doesn’t ‘know’ you want to be leaner and healthier. Whatever you set your mind to do; your body will need time to adjust. Results will take time. Changing your diet shouldn’t be seen as a ‘quick fix’ to lose a certain amount of weight in the shortest time. Believe me, this doesn’t work. You’ll only gain weight later. It should be a change in lifestyle. It will also take time before the changes you make become habits. Anything new, exciting and maybe hard, becomes normal over time. So be patient. Build up slow (in diet, but also with working out). Amsterdam wasn’t built in a day, either 😉

key #4 Groceries

Just an easy, simple tip: don’t buy highly processed food. It’s the easiest way to start eating healthier (due to less sugar, salts and other added stuff your body doesn’t need).