QuinoaThere are so many reasons to avoid refined sugars, saturated fats and ‘fast carbs’ (for health and weight loss). Trying to avoid them will make you realise you find them in nearly every (packaged) product.

And if you don’t eat bread and prefer to keep the egg-breakfasts to the weekends like me, you’ll wonder what IS a good breakfast. We can’t live on only fruit.

Milks and yoghurts

Most of us will chose for cereals, muesli, cruesli. If you like a milky mix with your cereals, please try non-fat milk. I use it all the time in my coffee or for my shakes. There are plenty of healthier milks to chose from: almond milk, soy milk, ricemilk…. they’re a lot less ‘watery’ too.

I like to use low-fat French Cheese or (0% fat) Greek yoghurt and add some  water (otherwise it’s too heavy for me). I love these yoghurt types, I even mix them with (spelt)pasta dishes and spinach instead of using sour cream or crème fraiche (same savory creamy taste).

-A friend of mine pointed out that she felt French Cheese bloated her. You get up all ‘lean and mean’ in the morning, eat your breakfast (with French cheese) and suddenly all the toning is GONE. I had the same complaint and Im starting to think she’s right. Im still testing ;). So low-fat Greek yoghurt it is for the coming weeks!-


As I said nearly all the cereals you find in stores have high sugar levels, gluten and ‘fast carbs’. Even the ‘healthy’ muesli/cruesli types and the ‘Kellogg Special K’ products are packed with refined sugars. I really don’t understand how the brands can get away with marketing their products as being ‘healthy’ and good for losing weight. -Theyre NOT (even the organic brands).

Of course sugars will give you a good kick-start in the morning, but it actually makes youre blood glucose-levels peek. After the peek you get a down. It’s a short energizer and you’ll feel tired and hungry after 2 hours. Ohyes, it also makes you fat ; )


The people I know that truly train hard and/or are really focused on ‘good food’ all tell me how good it is to start your day with oats. This has some gluten in it (like normal bread and pasta), but the other effects of this simple type of flaky grain seem too good and healthy to not eat it (its low on the glycemic chart too ). It’s powerfood. But I really don’t like it the old-fashioned way (heated with milk). I tried making it with almonds, apples and cinnamon; I still didn’t like it. But you might.

Quinoa and Amaranthblueberries

Quinoa is a type of amaranth and amaranth is labeled as  ‘superfood’. Its full of protein but also calcium, magnesium and iron (and more). Gluten-free too.

Try to find cereals with (popped) quinoa or amaranth. Theyre often mixed with oats, and include types with nuts, dried fruits, etc. All the good stuff, good carbs, unrefined sugars, etc.

I often add fruit, goji berries, nuts and/or honey myself (quinoa muesli tastes like shredded paper by itself; it needs extra’s).

Now this truly is a good and tasty start of your day!

Have a good day  : )