healthy bonbons

*last moment xmas dinner tip!*

For carefree bonbon munching; try out this easy and yummy recipe. Goes great with Xmas-afters (liquor & coffee) too  ; ) 


No baking, gluten-free, vegan, no refined sugars, low fat

” Workout is easy, the real challenges are faced in the kitchen”-as I stated in my other post, I totally disagree. Eating low-fat, slow-carb nutritious food is easy. I love meat, veggies and fruit so there’s no challenge there. I’ve never had a great craving for sugary sweet desserts, lucky me. I love chocolate, the darker the better -so no real challenge there either (+75% cacao chocolate falls into the category of ‘healthy fats’, like avocado and nuts).

BUT. I love bonbons too. The ones filled with praline. Fudgy stuff. Ohyeahbaby!

No challenge either! Try out this delicious bonbon recipe, with loads of alternatives!


Ingredients (for 15-20 bonbon balls):

-Dates (at least 6)

-agave oil or mild olive oil (not extra vierge)

-organic Agave syrup (organic honey will do too)

-100gr hazelnuts or pistachio nuts

-pure cocoa powder

bonbon fillingUnpit the dates, put them in the grinder or blender together with the nuts (be sure your blender can chop nuts) . Then add the oil and syrup (how much?-add carefully until you get a good sturdy, doughy mixture. If you like sweet, add more syrup than oil. I go for a 50-50%). Then add 2 big tablespoons of cocoa powder and mix thoroughly.

This your bonbon. It’s really that easy!

Now roll the dough into little balls, and roll/cover them with (examples):

-cocoa powder

-coconut flakes

-ground nuts

-ground oats

-dark chocolate (+75%) chippings

-or dip them into melted dark chocolate

Then put the bonbons in the freezer for at least an hour. Always keep them in the freezer; that way they’ll have a better texture and are always ready when you need them 🙂

Other alternatives:

I like adding rum to the mixture: then cover with coconut. Whiskey to the mixture I cover with plain cocoa.  Adding chopped raspberries, mint or orange is also delicious; I cover those with melted chocolate. By the way: turning the mixture into bonbon balls is also just an example. You can also make brownies with the same recipe; just change the shape! photo (16)