Who says fast food is unhealthy? Healthy cooking can be fast too! It’s why I love my wok!

Cooking during the week: like all of us busy-bodies, I like it easy, fast and practical. Healthy. AND TASTY!

It’s why I ALWAYS have some basic ingredients in the kitchen to rely on… and have my ways to make sure I’m not spending too much time trying to figure out what I want for dinner in the first place.

Just sharing what works for me: it might help you with your own grocery-kitchen rituals ; )

My ‘basic’ kitchen ingredients, ensuring me of a wide variety of nutritious meals:

-coconut oil
-sesame oil
-soy sauce
-sesame seeds
-red hot chili peppers!
-unions & garlic
-spelt whole wheat pasta
-unpolished rice
-sweet potatoes
-rice cream
-black pepper
-sea salt, Himalayan salt and basic kitchen salt (without Sodium –‘natrium’ in Dutch-)                                                                                                                                                                                                         -stevia and different types of honey
And a huge tray of numerous herbs and spices

market booty
market booty

I make sure I always have these things in the kitchen. With a freezer filled with red peppers and chicken (and vodka bottles ; )), the only ‘effort’ I have to put in for dinner is make sure I have fresh veggies.  A LOT of them. My diet actually depends on the veggies on sale/offer that week –not joking. I like to do it that way, cause it makes me try out different things AND saves me time (hours) being indecisive at the grocery store or the market (I’m terrible). So after work and gym,  I just see what fresh vegetables I have stocked up in my kitchen and then think of the spices, herbs, etc that will go well with it (it’s usually in weekends that I actually spend time on preparing dinners and trying recipes).

For example: I might feel like having sweet potatoes for dinner. -If there are pepper bells on my kitchen counter, I might add hot peppers, sesame seeds and sliced chicken. Cook with coconut oil. Wok. -If there are carrots in the basket, I would probably add rosemary, honey, sea salt and chicken breast. Cook with Olive oil. Oven.

Oven preparations
Oven preparations
Paksoi, red union, red pepper, chicken (also good with white fish). Add soy sauce/sesame oil/seed yummm
Paksoi, sugarsnaps, red union, red pepper, chicken (also good with white fish). Add soy sauce/sesame oil/seed yummm

I love the wok. You just throw all the ingredients in (with the right timing in between) and PRESTO: within 15 minutes or less your dinner is ready to be served. The oven is great too: just fill a baking tin with all the ingredients (and oil) and shove it in the oven. Do some housework, prepare for work the next day, or write on your blog and wait for the TING that tells you dinner’s ready!  (Yes, I know you all know how an oven and a wok works. I’m just sharing my enthusiasm here ; ) )


If you have all the right basics in the kitchen and throw your shopping cart full of vegetables at the beginning of the week, you’ll always have a good variety of fast food dishes to ‘wok up’. It makes shopping faster;  it saves time on thinking on what to make for dinner. You just get home from work and do some druid-stuff with the wok for 15 minutes and…  Enjoy your meal/Eet smakelijk!

Oh, don’t forget: eat fish twice a week! I eat loads of chicken (it’s a gym-thing, lol), but never forget the fish ; )