Hi, I’m back! Been gone for too long.. but as I said some time ago: I had decided it is okay to give yourself a break sometimes. Nobody told be to blog every week –well, nobody else but me.

I’ve had ups and downs like every other human being, busy with work and social life –building up my blog simply wasn’t the biggest priority on my list..

lesson #1 here: stay focused on priorities

and don’t feel bad for putting other things at the side for a while

But, however busy or sometimes down, my workouts never failed to make me stay positive about all, always! : )

lesson #2: Never stop exercising.

No matter how busy or low you feel. Workout GIVES energy in both body and mind..

it simply makes you feel goood (never see it as a ‘must do’- but rather as a stress relief and anti-depressant. ‘Cause it is ! ).

And well..  it makes you look fit too.. (love that pay-off!)

Meanwhile… I have started a new chapter (Body Image; its where I can share my thoughts and historical knowledge of how we perceive our bodies and why). And I haven’t ceased to keep on doing my cooking experiments. I promise to share the recipes soon  (you guys n gals seemed to like them!).

 Lesson #3:  Know and understand WHY you want to stay/get in shape.

The drive should come from within. Not from outside (for example beauty magazines and LuluLemon 😉 making you feel bad )

Lesson #4: Feed your body well.

Having fun with cooking ‘n baking healthy stuff makes it even easier to truly appreciate the good stuff (and makes it easier to cut out the ready-made/pre-packaged/instant bad stuff). 

Yes, even if you don’t have the time for it. See my previous post for fast healthy cooking

Meanwhile –part 2- I feel I got an overdose of (mis)information from other, more commercial blogs I signed up to on facebook. Annoying, in some way, but I can see the short articles are very popular and I get why (with the internet our concentration seems to have faded). And with that, because of the growing popularity of raw foods and superfoods, the internet, mags and even newspapers are overflowing with contradictive information (and health-scares). One says green tea is the best ever. The other says its plain poison –that’s one of 2000 examples in short.

Im sure youre as confused as I am sometimes.

Lesson #5: (is for me): write shorter blogposts!

–nah, sorry.. I probably wont. This is MY blog and I want to do things MY way. But I’ll try to put in some short things too, in future.

Lesson #6: all the contradictive information teaches us even more how important it is to keep your head straight and trust your own instincts.

Last but not least: I don’t like how a lot of ‘healthy lifestyle/fitness/food bloggers raise fingers to tell you what to do or how youre doing it all wrong. Just don’t like the tone sometimes. Makes me realise I might be coming across that way too. But hey, I’m an actual teacher, so teaching and sharing own life lessons comes natural to me (thats a good excuse, right? ; ) )

So lesson #7 = please know your reading a fitness/body-philosophical/cooking blog written by a teacher.

Teachers don’t always get it all right, but try.

They also have the annoying habit of wanting to educate, help people by telling them how to do things right (even if they don’t always do it themselves ; ) )

Schools out (nearly)! Means I have more time to share thoughts, tips and recipes! Hope you’ll enjoy : ) Have a great day all of you!