image (2) Okay so here’s another delicious and healthy recipe you can stuff yourself with (well.. dont go too far, that’s never good):

Oatmeal cookies with… cranberries, chocolate, peanut(butter), banana and.. read on >>>

(Glutenfree & -refined- sugarfree)

Allthough this recipe contains a lot of ingredients, its very easy and fast to make ‘n bake. And as usual: you can always change ingredients; for example, use raisins instead of cranberries, or add nuts/seeds : )

imageHere’s what you need:

-130 gr of rolled oats

-2 tsp cinnamon

-60 gr almond meal (if you want glutenfree. dont use coconut meal cause the cookies will get too dry)

-60 gr cranberries

-100 gr dark chocolate (at least 72% cacao if you want it low on fat. Grind/chop into little pieces)

-2,5 tbsp peanutbutter (the chunky version, with bits of peanut)

-4 dates (unpit!)

-3 tbsp (organic) honey or agave syrup

-2 banana’s

-2 tsp vanilla extract (if you like ; ) )

I topped my cookies with almondflakes

image_2How to make:

Put the oats and meal together in a big bowl. Mix the banana, peanutbutter, cinnamon, dates, honey and vanilla extract in a blender/mixer/chopper, until it turns into a paste. Then add the cranberries and chocolate. Now mix the paste with the meal and oats. And there’s your dough!

image_1I gave my cookies heartshapes today, for Valentines Day (yup, made with love, baby!).. of course it doesnt matter how you shape them but make sure you don’t make them too thick (wont give the best results). Bake the cookies for aprox. 20-25 minutes in a pre-heated oven (200 celcius).

Enjoy your healthy crunchie munchies (they’re even better the next day, imho)… with love!