PompoenWeb.jpg.306x306_q85_crop-0,0Winter is coming; out goes salad, in comes soup.

Making your own soup is so easy and so much healthier than the soup you buy in tins or packs at the store. And it’s fun to make; I feel like a druid or witch sometimes, just tasting and adding ingredients as I go along. I suggest you do the same here. Do some Halloweening in the kitchen 😉  Don’t put in exactly the same amounts I’ve put down in this recipe: you might prefer less spicy (or might be serving it to your kids). Or maybe it isn’t hot enough! My recipes are just flexible leads: please keep tasting and ‘druiding’ for yourself!

Recipe (2-3 bowls)

-1/4 medium pumpkin (or less pumpkin, adding sweet potato and/or carrot)

-fresh ginger (2 small slices)

– ¼ cube of vegetable bouillon (better: 2 leaves of lovage)

– ½  red (chili) pepper

-1 tsp of cumin

– ½  tsp of stevia

-(black) pepper and (sea) salt

Topping (all optional):

-½  sweet pepper (ramiro pepper)


-non-fat creme fraiche (or rice cream, whatever suits you)

-2 tb pine seeds

-pinch of cinnamon

Not my own pic. Guess I was too hungry and forgot to record my own. Mine looks even better! ; )
Not my pic. Guess I was too hungry and forgot to foodpic my own. So found a pic that looks similar. Mine lookes a lot better, really! ; )

Peel and dice the veggies (except for the peppers ), then fry (or grill!) them together with chopped ginger and some cumin (preferably in coconut oil or olive oil) until it softens. If you are using carrots and sweet potato; fry the carrots 2 minutes before adding the rest.

Put the ingredients in a soup-pan, adding water until the veggies are all covered (no more; you’ll get watery soup. You can always add water later on if it gets too thick). Add the lovable (or bouillon).

While the soup is boiling, chop the sweet pepper into small bits and throw it in the frying pan you just used for the veggies (be practical). Add the pine seeds. Roast to toast ; )

After 10-12 minutes of boiling, the soup should be ready to blend. Make sure you let the soup cool down before blending, unless you have a blender that can take boiling temperatures! Blend until you have a chunky mix (I like it chunky: so I don’t blend it too long) and put the mixture back in the pan and let it simmer. Now add some more cumin, fine chopped red pepper, stevia, pepper and salt depending on personal taste.

When it’s ready for serving: add a bit of crème fraiche, add the roasted pine seeds and sweet pepper, a pinch of cinnamon and a bit of coriander.

Enjoy : )