1384220_670250513009579_1680524350_nI love lemons. And maw seed gives you a high (or so they say)! Here’s a recipe my friend Marlies gave me to share with all of you!

Trust me. Marlies knows whats she’s doing. And I love it!

-These cupcakes are gluten-free-

6 cupcakes

"The art of cooking" -even the ingredients look like art by itself too sometimes, don't they?
“The art of cooking” -even the ingredients look like art by itself too sometimes, don’t they?

-40 gr coconut flour

-1/4 ts sea salt

-1/4 ts baking powder

-3-5 eggs

-40 gr coconut oil

-40 gr honey (try to get pure honey without added sugars)

-lemon grinds (1 lemon)

-1 tb maw-seed

– 2 tb water

Preheat the oven at 180°C

Mix the coconut flour, salt, baking powder, maw-seed and lemon. Mix the eggs with honey, coconut oil and water and add the mixture to the dry ingredients while stirring.  Let the batter rest for 10 minutes. It should be thick, but fluid; otherwise the cupcakes will turn out too dry* (add water and more eggs if its too thick; problem with coconut flour is that it needs a lot of moist to prevent the end-result from being totally dried out). Poor the mixture in a cupcake tray, put it in the oven, do some push ups and planks (bake 15 minutes) and there’s your Sunday treat!

When the muffins have cooled down you can top them with some honey and fruit 🙂