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Sunday Baking: Lemon & maw-seed cupcakes

1384220_670250513009579_1680524350_nI love lemons. And maw seed gives you a high (or so they say)! Here’s a recipe my friend Marlies gave me to share with all of you!

Trust me. Marlies knows whats she’s doing. And I love it!

-These cupcakes are gluten-free- Continue reading “Sunday Baking: Lemon & maw-seed cupcakes”

Friday; fishday! (or; Omega 3 day!)

Vanitas still life, 1662
A vanitas still life shows a story or sends a message through symbols. This one tells about a life of travel and knowledge (globe and book), but also enjoyment (fallen wine glass, the flute). Notice death (skull) is peeking around the corner though. -no fish in this picture; this life-story wasnt about sobriety (or health)

Some of us will remember our grandparents having the custom of eating fish on fridays. Some families still do. It’s a religious thing. I guess religion can be very healthy *wink* Continue reading “Friday; fishday! (or; Omega 3 day!)”

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