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WINTER IS COMING… (starting this weekend)

How to ‘survive winter’. Saving wintertime and energy: it’s all about your hormones,  immune system, thermostat, food, exercise, sleep and (sun)light.


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Taking a (tiny) step back.. can bring you 5 steps forward

crazy DIY
Me. Stressed. In ‘disaster DIY/building-mode’.

I’m right in the middle of a very busy period work wise. My workaholic drive tends to push in through October and goes on full-throttle up to February. It’s because I have most projects and assignments in these months (graphic design); meaning I have nearly 2  jobs at the same time to focus on. In the meantime I’m redoing my bathroom.. Well I’m not, the builders are doing most of it. You all know that means working and living in a disaster zone: scattered tools, boxes, dust, wood, tiles, plaster, plastic sheets, a paranoid cat and my own mess (cant be bothered to clean cause it’ll be a dusty dump the next day I come home anyway) scattered all around the house. Doesn’t make it easier to focus.

I guess ‘Miss Balance’ didn’t really plan this out well. Like last year, same period,  when I had my kitchen totally redone (guess ‘Miss Balance’ doesn’t always learn from her mistakes either ; ) ). Continue reading “Taking a (tiny) step back.. can bring you 5 steps forward”

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