slide_306146_2642657_freeSome of you might have seen this ‘Average Barbie’ turn up in their newsfeed. An artist made Barbie with the measurements of the average American 19yr old.

I have mixed feelings about it. I’m not sure what to think of it yet. -Barbie IS out of proportion.. ehm.. but so are Lego-men…

I get the point made here, of course. But ironically, it actually makes ME wonder: what does this ‘average size’ tell us?

barbie woman
Which is the better rolemodel?

It doesnt tell me the average American teen has a ‘Barbie’-complex, thats for sure.

However, body-image and childhood influences are an interesting topic. I was planning on writing about that this week. Now I’m SURE I will.

To see what I’m talking about: Average Teen as Barbie

and maybe even better: Barbie as woman

PS: Oh, and what’s wrong with having skinny long legs? HMMMM!? (I can’t help it!!)