After months of pondering and talking about this blog, I finally decided to just do it.

Well not really the way I wanted to, because I’m a perfectionist; I wanted it to be online when perfect..

I realized it will never be perfect. There things I want to sort out (I want this site to be bi-lingual, Dutch-English.. and I want to categorize my new posts* and do some more on the graphic/artwork),

but with my busy lifestyle, like most of you have, sorting that stuff out costs time -and I have other priorities.

So decided to just start now.. before this project is going to be like my house project (“it will be finished within the year… ok 2 years.. ok 3..  ..well fuck this shit”).

Im just going to do this thing, sharing it with the closest to start with. Lets see how this goes. Lets have some fun with it !!!).

BALANCE BABY on pilot mode!!!


*ah, ‘Categories’! -worked that one out already..