“I want to exercise but don’t have the time!”  -Is it lack of time or lack of energy? Learn how to get more energy; you’ll gain time!

Ok, so most people tell me they would love to train but don’t have the time. I used to say that and truly believed it too. I get it. After work most of us are totally exhausted; only THINKING of the gym will make most of us faint out of final exhaustion. Ive been there!

Of course its all about lack of energy. But there are ways to gain energy. Hence planning our time more effectively (important to learn how to prioritize certain aspects of work too.  Being assertive with work and knowing how to say ‘NO’ really helps).

-No more sitting on the sofa dead tired watching crap on tv, while you can be having fun in your free time –don’t waste your time!

-what we eat gives or takes our energy. Food is fuel, but it can de-fuel you too. To me this is an important fact. Since I changed my diet I’ve noticed a huge difference in energy levels. The difference: no more highs and lows (highs a half hour after a sandwich, a low 2 hours after), but a more BALANCED energy (cut out the bread and suddenly I felt less tired after work).. Ill explain more about that another time (has to do with carb-types, gluten, etc.) . What we eat is SO important to be able to have the energy to exercise within our busy lifestyles.

-You know what also gives you more energy? Yes: Exercise. It has a lot of reasons.. Exercising sets your body to work, your mind at rest (the opposite to most of our jobs). While exercising you produce endorphin’s. It’s what makes you feel happy (feeling happy gives you energy, right?). Exercise is a diversion of your day to day life by itself. But because of the endorphins your body produces it will help you relativate -or even cancel out- certain kinds of psychological stress. Eliminating stress relaxes mind and body (even while the body is actually working on the heavy weights  haha). Relaxation gives energy. Hence Exercise gives energy in both body and mind.

-It gives you the energy and positive boost that will eventually make you WANT train more (its why some of us get addicted).

Rest                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Exercise will also effectively let your body truly WORK so your sleep will be more effective/efficient too (your body will need rest too –if you do train; make sure it gets all the rest it deserves). What will make you more rested, with more energy, when you wake up the next morning for work.

It’s a win-win situation. So ‘I don’t have the energy to train’ really isn’t a good reason not to train. Its actually a reason to do so (and/or maybe have a look at your diet).