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The stem and mother of exercise: weightlifting (or better: lifting and yoga)

post bbI want to focus on different types of exercise/work outs on my blog. All have their benefits and all can be fun to do for different reasons. All have pluses and minuses. But I figured it’s best to start at the stem before focusing on the branches, as I do with all the topics I wrote about up to now (I have to start somewhere, right?). Continue reading “The stem and mother of exercise: weightlifting (or better: lifting and yoga)”

Sunday baking: awful protein muffins

Two recipes I would NOT recommend ; )
Two recipes I DO NOT recommend ; )

Instead of starting my recipe thread with my favorite, delicious, one of a kind recipe, I’m starting off with disaster baking. A lot of you might have seen (or tried) recipes including Whey or Casein powder (protein supplements)* instead of using common flour, refined sugar and butter. It’s to keep the ‘bad carbs’ and fats out of the diet, while still enjoying an occasional chocolate muffin. Seems like a good plan!

It’s not. It tastes awful (the right even tasted like something poisonous) and it’s a waste of protein powder. Well, that’s my opinion. Continue reading “Sunday baking: awful protein muffins”

Weekend! Let’s talk alcoholi-cals!

Ah, time for weekend again! I reminded you of the water intake. Now here’s a reminder of the calorie intake.
Remember a man needs approximately 2500 and a woman 2000 calories a day (31-50 yrs).
So that means I can drink 20 vodka’s today (and need about 6 liters/1,6 gallons of water) ! Continue reading “Weekend! Let’s talk alcoholi-cals!”

Body Image –a very interesting topic.. and a new chapter

"Venus at a mirror", by Rubens (1577-1640).
“Venus at a mirror”, by Rubens (1577-1640)

Body Image..  While blogging I realized how body image is a very important topic between the themes of Diet and Fitness. With ‘body image’ I mean a lot of things: how we see ourselves, how we get influenced by the judgment of others upon ourselves, how commercial industries influence us, movies, celebs, barbies (but do they? ; ) ) –the list can go on and on. The influence the outside world has on our own views of how we see ourselves in the mirror is a popular topic for discussion.. and moral high grounds. It has been for a very long time Continue reading “Body Image –a very interesting topic.. and a new chapter”

Bad Ass Breakfast? -try quinoa and amaranth

QuinoaThere are so many reasons to avoid refined sugars, saturated fats and ‘fast carbs’ (for health and weight loss). Trying to avoid them will make you realise you find them in nearly every (packaged) product.

And if you don’t eat bread and prefer to keep the egg-breakfasts to the weekends like me, you’ll wonder what IS a good breakfast. We can’t live on only fruit.

Continue reading “Bad Ass Breakfast? -try quinoa and amaranth”

Gluten (-free diet?)

The after dinner dip. Too much gluten?
The ‘after dinner dip’; Too much gluten?

We Europeans are starting to catch up with the U.S.’ anti-gluten hype; I’m noticing more and more people are interested. Over here, the gluten-free diet has been associated with health freaks (and of course people with gluten allergy), but word is spreading the gluten-free diet is the way to energetic health and weight loss (making it more popular). But is it, really?

Continue reading “Gluten (-free diet?)”

Average Barbie; what does she really tell us?

slide_306146_2642657_freeSome of you might have seen this ‘Average Barbie’ turn up in their newsfeed. An artist made Barbie with the measurements of the average American 19yr old.

I have mixed feelings about it. I’m not sure what to think of it yet. -Barbie IS out of proportion.. ehm.. but so are Lego-men…

Continue reading “Average Barbie; what does she really tell us?”

Next step: Facebook!


I’m celebrating with a glass of Chardonnay (120 cals, lol).  I had my workout this afternoon, so I’m ok haha. Cheers to balance!

Friday; fishday! (or; Omega 3 day!)

Vanitas still life, 1662
A vanitas still life shows a story or sends a message through symbols. This one tells about a life of travel and knowledge (globe and book), but also enjoyment (fallen wine glass, the flute). Notice death (skull) is peeking around the corner though. -no fish in this picture; this life-story wasnt about sobriety (or health)

Some of us will remember our grandparents having the custom of eating fish on fridays. Some families still do. It’s a religious thing. I guess religion can be very healthy *wink* Continue reading “Friday; fishday! (or; Omega 3 day!)”


Student to teacher: ” Miss, I decided to stay away from crisps and sweets! I lost 9 kg! Tell me I’m COOL miss, haha!”. Wow, how good to inspire, while being inspired!

photo (6) Continue reading “Inspiring!”

Time & Energy

“I want to exercise but don’t have the time!”  -Is it lack of time or lack of energy? Learn how to get more energy; you’ll gain time! Continue reading “Time & Energy”

Let’s just do this… thing

After months of pondering and talking about this blog, I finally decided to just do it.

Well not really the way I wanted to, because I’m a perfectionist; I wanted it to be online when perfect..

I realized it will never be perfect. There things I want to sort out (I want this site to be bi-lingual, Dutch-English.. and I want to categorize my new posts* and do some more on the graphic/artwork),

but with my busy lifestyle, like most of you have, sorting that stuff out costs time -and I have other priorities.

So decided to just start now.. before this project is going to be like my house project (“it will be finished within the year… ok 2 years.. ok 3..  ..well fuck this shit”).

Im just going to do this thing, sharing it with the closest to start with. Lets see how this goes. Lets have some fun with it !!!).

BALANCE BABY on pilot mode!!!


*ah, ‘Categories’! -worked that one out already..

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