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2015 Resolution Retry: 3 tips

new-years-resolutionsI’m not a ‘New Years resolutions’- type of girl. But hey, for many of us a fixed term or date actually works to start something good. And the start is usually the easiest.

So, the first month of 2015 is over now. Did you have resolutions but gave up on them already? No worries, you still have 11 more months to try again ; ). And summer is coming up (also a good motivator). You don’t need a New Years Eve to start something good. If you gave up already, theres no reason not to do a ‘Retry’.

Some people have asked me what I find is the best way to lose weight, stay motivated and disciplined.  So here are 3 tips for your Retry in the next 11 months: Continue reading “2015 Resolution Retry: 3 tips”

Spinach & minced meat ‘salad’

photo (19)Here’s another fast, healthy and tasty dinner/lunch recipe, this time with a hint of Arab cuisine.

This is a fresh recipe: Summerstyle (still some summer to go!) and will take you no longer than 20 minutes to prepare!


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recipe: Spicy Lentil Burgers

A delicious and healthy replacement for meat-burgers! Vegetarian and gluten free (but you wont notice the difference; believe me ’cause I’m a carnivore!)



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I’m back! -with some lessons

Hi, I’m back! Been gone for too long.. but as I said some time ago: I had decided it is okay to give yourself a break sometimes. Nobody told be to blog every week –well, nobody else but me.

I’ve had ups and downs like every other human being, busy with work and social life –building up my blog simply wasn’t the biggest priority on my list..

lesson #1 here: stay focused on priorities

and don’t feel bad for putting other things at the side for a while

But, however busy or sometimes down, my workouts never failed to make me stay positive about all, always! : )

lesson #2: Never stop exercising.

No matter how busy or low you feel. Workout GIVES energy in both body and mind..

it simply makes you feel goood (never see it as a ‘must do’- but rather as a stress relief and anti-depressant. ‘Cause it is ! ).

And well..  it makes you look fit too.. (love that pay-off!)

Meanwhile… Continue reading “I’m back! -with some lessons”

Oatmeal Cranberry Choco Crunchy Cookies

image (2) Okay so here’s another delicious and healthy recipe you can stuff yourself with (well.. dont go too far, that’s never good):

Oatmeal cookies with… cranberries, chocolate, peanut(butter), banana and.. read on >>>

(Glutenfree & -refined- sugarfree) Continue reading “Oatmeal Cranberry Choco Crunchy Cookies”

bonbon balls & brownies

healthy bonbons

*last moment xmas dinner tip!*

For carefree bonbon munching; try out this easy and yummy recipe. Goes great with Xmas-afters (liquor & coffee) too  ; ) 


No baking, gluten-free, vegan, no refined sugars, low fat

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Fast Food! -my practical grocery & cooking ‘rituals’


Who says fast food is unhealthy? Healthy cooking can be fast too! It’s why I love my wok!

Cooking during the week: like all of us busy-bodies, I like it easy, fast and practical. Healthy. AND TASTY!

It’s why I ALWAYS have some basic ingredients in the kitchen to rely on… and have my ways to make sure I’m not spending too much time trying to figure out what I want for dinner in the first place.

Just sharing what works for me: it might help you with your own grocery-kitchen rituals ; )

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Taking a (tiny) step back.. can bring you 5 steps forward

crazy DIY
Me. Stressed. In ‘disaster DIY/building-mode’.

I’m right in the middle of a very busy period work wise. My workaholic drive tends to push in through October and goes on full-throttle up to February. It’s because I have most projects and assignments in these months (graphic design); meaning I have nearly 2  jobs at the same time to focus on. In the meantime I’m redoing my bathroom.. Well I’m not, the builders are doing most of it. You all know that means working and living in a disaster zone: scattered tools, boxes, dust, wood, tiles, plaster, plastic sheets, a paranoid cat and my own mess (cant be bothered to clean cause it’ll be a dusty dump the next day I come home anyway) scattered all around the house. Doesn’t make it easier to focus.

I guess ‘Miss Balance’ didn’t really plan this out well. Like last year, same period,  when I had my kitchen totally redone (guess ‘Miss Balance’ doesn’t always learn from her mistakes either ; ) ). Continue reading “Taking a (tiny) step back.. can bring you 5 steps forward”

Easy ‘n ‘ealhty egg salad

Bon appétit
Bon appétit

A busy week; no time for blog posts. But no matter how busy; skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner is never an option.

I love healthy, tasty AND fast, practical cooking. Save time, gain energy, while murmuring yummmmm : ) Continue reading “Easy ‘n ‘ealhty egg salad”

Sweet ‘n spicy pumpkin soup

PompoenWeb.jpg.306x306_q85_crop-0,0Winter is coming; out goes salad, in comes soup.

Making your own soup is so easy and so much healthier than the soup you buy in tins or packs at the store. And it’s fun to make; I feel like a druid or witch sometimes, just tasting and adding ingredients as I go along. I suggest you do the same here. Do some Halloweening in the kitchen 😉  Continue reading “Sweet ‘n spicy pumpkin soup”

Running to walking sticks

10412933633_3f3b3fc0d3_zA lot of my colleagues run. I keep seeing running statuses of some friends on facebook. Some of them do marathons. My students are picking up on the reoccurring hype too. The municipality of my city is targeting the youth nowadays to join in with the (highly sponsored) city-run.

I should be happy. It’s great how people grow enthusiastic in any field of sports. And I want my students to exercise, live healthy.

But I’m not sure about running.  I’ve learnt running isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and I have toned down on it. I love running but not how it tends to turn me into a ‘Corpse Bride’ and how it will make me use a walking stick in 20 years or so.

So I’m not going to stimulate my students to jog or run. Not without informing and advising them thoroughly.

A bit like what I trying to do here now..

Please do run. But be informed and keep your balance, baby! ; )  Continue reading “Running to walking sticks”

Sunday Baking: Lemon & maw-seed cupcakes

1384220_670250513009579_1680524350_nI love lemons. And maw seed gives you a high (or so they say)! Here’s a recipe my friend Marlies gave me to share with all of you!

Trust me. Marlies knows whats she’s doing. And I love it!

-These cupcakes are gluten-free- Continue reading “Sunday Baking: Lemon & maw-seed cupcakes”

The importance of having gym buddies (for all shapes & sizes)


People that don’t train usually don’t want to hear about your workout.  I do get blank faces whenever I start about it, all enthusiastic. At my second sentence I usually notice the “I really don’t want to hear about this, but I’m trying to look interested”-face; so I end it with a  “….in short: it was good!”. All good, I get it totally. But I do really enjoy ALSO having friends around me with who I CAN share ‘gym talk’ with. It’s fun and motivational too.

I’m realizing ‘the joy of shared interest’ is probably even more important for people with tougher ‘fit-goals’ to reach. People trying to seriously lose weight when others around them don’t have weight problems. Sure, all will be happy for you when you lose pounds. But probably wont get how hard it truly is to reach your goals (and stay there).

Continue reading “The importance of having gym buddies (for all shapes & sizes)”

Sunday Baking: Rice Apple Pie

IMG_0833The lighter, fresher, low-cal, gluten-free, refined sugar free version of the traditional apple pie.

It has about 1/5 of the calories you’d find in a traditional apple pie and this one has the better nutrients too!

Oh, and Noah (7 yrs), who helped to bake this pie loved it too. So.. it’s even ‘child-proof’ ! ; ) Continue reading “Sunday Baking: Rice Apple Pie”

Origins of Body-image part 1: Prehistoric Barbie (24.000 BC)

'Barbie'; 22.000 BC
‘Barbie’; 22.000 BC. (Venus of Willendorf: not really pink)

Blaming Barbie, model, celeb or simply modern society for your own insecurity? Lets blame the primitive part of our brain that made us evolve. Without it we wouldn’t have been here, wondering about Kardashian butts (wuds?).

This blog-post is about the origin of aesthetic ideals. About it being a thing we created ourselves, to survive and to evolve.

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